Hello, I’m Nicola, welcome to my website! My work is inspired by natural forms and all of the wonderful imperfections and quirks that you find every day when you look around at nature. I really wanted to bring this into my pieces, showing that no two things can ever really be the same. I hand make each piece so that every single one has its own unique personality. Enjoy looking around!

Plant Pot Buddies

Worried your plants get lonely when you’re out at work? Fear not! These ceramic creatures will keep your plants company at all times. Each one is made by hand so it has its own unique personality. No need to look after them either, just pop them in the pot and you’re good to go!


I don’t know about you but I absolutely love being outdoors and find woodlands, in particular, magical places. Here, you’ll find great gifts inspired by the woods to help you bring the outside home.

Fairy Doors

If you want to add a bit of magic to your house or garden then I have just the thing for you. These fairy doors do just that. Pop them up on a fence, at the bottom of a tree or even on a windowsill and sit back whilst you watch the fairies move in.

Fairy Houses

The fairy houses come in all shapes and sizes. Choose from miniature mushroom and acorn houses, incense houses (the smoke comes out the chimney!), wax burners or tea light houses! Perfect for inside or out, whatever the weather!

The Blue Collection

The Blue Collection was inspired by my honeymoon to the Highlands of Scotland. The abundance of waterfalls, the pebbles in the water, the sea spray and even the drizzle! I just feel the mix of this glaze sums it all up perfectly! Hope it lifts you up as much as it does me.


Something a little different, monsters! As much as I love making all of my other pieces, these monsters are just for when I want to take a step back and really let my imagination go! Whilst they all have their own personality, each is just as mischievous as the next!