Ceramic Hanging Decorations


Set of three hanging ceramic decorations made from stoneware clay, decorated with an iron oxide and finished off with some brown twine.

Each set contains an oak leaf, acorn and mushroom.

Every single piece of mine is lovingly made by hand meaning that no two pieces are exactly the same. This does therefore mean that the items you receive may differ ever so slightly in size, shape and colour to those shown in the photos.

These cute little decorations look great inside or out (they are frost proof). Adorn your fireplace with them, put them amongst your trees outside, they really can go anywhere!

Sizes- Oak Leaf- approx 6cm tall x 3cm wide. Acorn- approx. 3cm tall x 2cm wide. Mushroom- approx. 4.5cm tall x 3.5cm wide. All hanging lengths are around 12-16cm long.

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